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We Are Your Furnace Repair Service Specialists In Kokomo, Indiana And Surrounding Areas.


You have a variety of heating needs, and we can handle any furnace repair. We are furnace repair service experts with decades of experience servicing every brand, and we're equipped to handle all your warranty issues as well. But in the event that your repair is too costly, we offer financing options that can get you up and running at affordable rates.

We offer a range of furnace products from 80% efficiency to 92%, 95% Single-Stage, 95% Two-stage, 96% Variable Speed to Fully Modulating gas systems, including zoning. We also install bypass and steam humidifiers and de-humidifiers. 

From our Elite TRANE systems to our RUNTRU by TRANE value products, we deliver 100% Assembled in America HVAC equipment you can be proud of.

Let us repair or quote a new TRANE system for you today!

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Your home is your most valuable asset. Protect it with the best HVAC equipment available--TRANE. If you are on a budget and immediate cost is more important than long-term energy savings, we can quote TRANE's value line RUNTRU by TRANE. All of TRANE's HVAC equipment is assembled right here in the USA, something most brands cannot say. We are proud of American workers, and we should support each other by buying products made by our fellow citizens.

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