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Introducing RUNTRU by TRANE

Now you have a true value product made in the USA and with TRANE quality. With basic efficiencies ranging from 13 to 14 SEER (16 SEER coming soon), RUNTRU by TRANE can replace your old system at an affordable price. So if you are a property manager or investor you can have the dependability you'd expect from TRANE at an affordable cost. 

Expect the quality and efficiency found in TRANE products like Trane's patented Spine Fin Coils. Yes, they're in RUNTRU by TRANE as well. 

What's the difference between RUNTRU by TRANE and other value brands?

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There's a big difference in RUNTRU by TRANE and other value brands. To start, most aren't assembled in the USA. Another big point is safety. Most value lines have what is called a "chicken wire" frame surrounding the condenser coil on the outside unit, exposing the sharp aluminum fins. Those are very sharp and dangerous especially when children love to touch things they shouldn't.


We don't use chicken wire. Every edge on our rigid frame, outdoor condensers are smooth to the touch, so you don't have to worry about anyone getting cut on sharp edges. 

TRANE is well known for their spine-fin coils, and RUNTRU by TRANE comes equipped with the spine-fin coil (shown) and that's important because our patented spine-fin coils are 100% aluminum and have 1/3 fewer fittings than any other brand. Other brands have tried to copy it but they just cant. And fewer fittings means less chance of leaking. And that's why we are America's Most Trusted Brand!

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