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COVID - 19..... Means a Return to Indoor Air Quality.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY. Since the onset of COVID-19, your indoor air quality is calling out to you.... "Don't forget about the air you breathe!" And with so many of us stuck at home, the air we breathe just keeps circulating, over and over and over. So are you filtering that air properly? And are you getting rid of the contaminants that move through your airstream?.

IAQ Products Help Clean Your Air!

We think about IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) everyday. It's what we do. We are your local IAQ experts and can create a custome IAQ plan for your HVAC system. Whether you or your loved ones have allergies, asthma, or other breathing disorders LIKE CORONA, please call us asap. We can get the right product installed in your HVAC system at the right price.

WE FINANCE, too, so you can rest assured we can get it installed on a budget.

Our PLASMA PURE product, or other Ionizers basically force the time particled into larger clumps and collect them in the filter, where they would otherwise pass through. Some weigh the tiny partles down, and some kill bacterias with an Ionized Hyrdo-Peroxide, or ultraviolet light. No matter what your needs, we'll help figure out the best solution for YOU!

Until our next post. Stay cool..

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